Hello! My name is Anna. I come from a beautiful seaside city in the north of China. I have been giving Mandarin lessons in Quebec since 2003. Chinese is my native language. I also speak English and French fluently. 

While in China, I worked in several import & export companies. I also taught business English in university and Mandarin in a language school in Beijing. I graduated with a Bachelor' s degree in International Trade and a Master' s degree in Science of Management in China. I also completed a Master of Education degree with a specialization in second language teaching at University of Montreal. I have a certificate in teaching Chinese as a second language and in Chinese culture. In addition, I am certified by Emploi Qu├ębec.

I have been teaching people from different walks of life and my students have been different ages. Courses are tailored to the special needs of each student. 

While teaching students in the business circle, I integrate my business knowledge and experience into the course to make it practical and enjoyable. I also offer interpretation service for English-Mandarin or French-Mandarin, and help Canadian businesses to communicate effectively with their Chinese partners, especially in an intercultural negotiation.

Having spent years learning English and French, I am very conscious of the difficulties encountered in learning a foreign language, particularly when a student does not have any background of this language. As a teacher, I understand how language learning takes place and I know how to apply teaching theories appropriately into classroom practice. Teaching Mandarin is a wonderful experience for me to guide my students in both the Chinese language and the culture in order to help them develop their competence communicating in Chinese.
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